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“The idea of Estado Flotante (Floating State) comes from a blend of experiences and learnings that have been leading my process as a movement artist. I believe in dance as the base of community, the base of identity, a way to connect with our history and our deepest essence, and that essence is the key for the transformation of society. Energy is flowing and transforming matter very single moment, when we dance we move energy, and we are encouraging it to regenerate and renew ourselves and everything that surround us, when we dance we are transforming our people, the culture, the language, our perception of the world, our identity, the future and even our own beliefs.”

EstadoFlotante (Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy) is a Brooklyn Based Hybrid Artist whose practice ranges from dance/movement to music/sound, and video/visual composition. Originally from Santiago de Chile he studied dance at UAHC, worked as a performer, as a teaching artist, and started to produce his own work. By interacting with sound and visual elements he explores the moving body from its internal and sensorial awareness as an attempt to unfold a vocabulary of the present that integrates and re-structure the space and its narrative.

He moved to NYC in 2012 where he studied at Dance New Amsterdam. Through his journey as a dancer, he had the pleasure to perform with Elizabeth Motley, Alex Romania, Miguel Gutierrez, Ishmael Houston, Antonio Ramos, Commons Choir/Daria Fain, John Kelly. His work has been performed at Dance New Amsterdam, Bridge for Dance, Sample Festival, Green Space, The Brick Theatre, House Fest, Freeman Space, Alvin Ailey City Group Theatre, open performance at Movement Research, Showdown at Gibney Dance Center, BAAD!Bronx, Binary Series, Dance HOLO, Center for Performance Research, The Breakers Bar, and Movement Research at the Judson Church. More recently he has been developing his performance project-practice DRIFT (a queer sonic- Dance Vortex) parallelly to his new pop music singles and Virtual video Performances “Out of Space”.

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