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I conceive Estado Flotante (Floating State) as a state of being that is open to change, to transform, to morph. a Placeless place that doesn’t necessarily settles, but is consistent on its constant way of moving, embracing new experiences, and playing life as it goes. With This said Estado Flotante is a state on transit, a state of exchange where is understood that there is not only one truth, but the truth that co-exists through an intersection of “knowings” that arise from a current experience of exercising life and interaction in a determine moment and/or place. Although this State on itself can be judgement free, it is only free for who’s intent is open to accept its own current truth in coexistence with others; Considering a truth, as the visceral intuitive feel that you perceive within yourself while stripped from any imposed learning and dogmas that restrict your way to a fulfilling metamorphosis. The only border to this State is in your mind. The portal to this State lies through your body as in the way you are able to become aware of your senses and your standing in this huge mess of existence.

Estado Flotante is a black hole, a vortex, a remembering we are life and death simultaneously, that we are holy, hoe-ly, hole-y, and profane; that we are movement and our movements matter, that matter is movement, and that we are matter. It matters to move, it matters to change and be open to our transformation.



More recently he has been developing his performance project-practice DRIFT (a queer sonic- Dance Vortex),

premiered his Virtual video Performances “Out of Space”.

and debuted as a queer pop music artist/mockstar

On his moved to New York in 2012 he continued working as a dance artist with Antonio Ramos and the Gang Bangers, Commons Choir Daria Fain, Elizabeth Motley, Alex Romania, John Kelly, Miguel Gutierrez and Ishmael Houston Jones, while also making and performing his own work. His work has been performed at Dance New Amsterdam, Bridge for Dance, Sample Festival, Green Space, The Brick Theatre, House Fest, Freeman Space, Alvin Ailey City Group Theatre, open performance at Movement Research, Showdown at Gibney Dance Center, BAAD!Bronx, Binary Series, Dance HOLO, Dock11 (Berlin) Center for Performance Research, The Breakers Bar, and Movement Research at the Judson Church.

Estado Flotante (Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy) is a hybrid artist based in Brooklyn whose practice ranges from dance/movement to music/sound, and video/visual composition. By interacting with sound and visual elements he explores the moving body from its internal and sensorial awareness as an attempt to unfold a an intersectional vocabulary in the present that integrates and  attempts to re-structure the space and its narrative.

Originally from Santiago de Chile, where he studied dance at Universidad de Humanismo Christiano (based on modern and Contemporary technique), he worked as a Dancer, Choreographer and teaching Artist. He worked with Compañia Danza en Cruz, Compañia Danza Espiral, Triple Pack collective; as a teacher at Universidad de Santiago and Espacio arte Nimiku, he also worked with choreographers like Sergio Patricio and Isabel Croxatto.


2021 Estado Flotante

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