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W.U.W. (What you Want)

Visual piece that explores intimate interaction between two nude male bodies. There is desire, Lust, expectation, confusion, negotiation and acceptance.The rest is for your imagination...

Directed, produced and edited by
Estado Flotante.
Music and Performance by Estado Flotante and Trevor Hansen

DRIFT (performance practice)

Drifting we dance, like it never stops, we change we fly, we don’t know where we are, we land on a place of inexplicable facts.

We sing, we dance, we sell our track.

Drifting we are

Drift is a ever evolving-to be immersive perfomance practice/meditatio/concert/party

Is a sonic dance-vortex, channeling desire, satisfaction, frustration, and meditative exhaustion into distracting encounters of temporary identity. Through ‘The Dance’ of experiential crossfades, human connections reveal and creative impulses are consumed. The ritual and commercial blend in the inexplicable Drift.

There is the movement, the meditation, the interaction, the spontaneous and ethereal sound environment, there is the rhythm, the songs, and the product.

this practice has been embodied through different studies overtime in different contexts and it always brings a different approach that challenges the initial idea of the vocabulary. it is a practice alive on its own, that means it will always be in expansion and growth

Out of Space (video Perfomance)

Out of Space is a trilogy of video performance inspired from isolation in the context of Covid-19.

The condition of only being able to interact with the outside world through internet, made me feel that everything was happening in a ethereal/virtual reality or in the "outer space", unable to touch but only perceive, there was a detachment from the physical-hand palpable interaction. Through this process i was able to ground myself  and reconnect with the outterworld outside my apartment in Brooklyn through this 3 episode half-Fictitious narrative with only home available rsources.

What it is to exist in this reality while depending on technology we have become part human-part machine?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2021 Estado Flotante

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