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"SKECTH" Performance Installation

May 28th to 31th

6:30 to 9:30 (this is an on going performance come in anytime)


Freeman Space, 155 Freeman street, Greenpoint (G train to Greenpoint Ave)



"SKETCH" is a performance installation based In the concept of real time composition that tests the skills of the performers involved in a game of trust and directly depending on the audiences choices.

There is the performers, the space, different objects and elements that facilitates an interactive experience where the audience is lead and invited to manipulate and propose different choices for the performers to experiment from. In this way we might discover a performance product that comes from a raw compositional experience.

Performers are invited in the space with no previous plan, no rehearsal, this is an improvisational experiment and what comes out of the experience will depend directly on the people involved each session.   




"Line 0" (excerpt) at RAW DANCE SHARE

April 3-4



Brooklyn Fireproof, 119 Ingraham St #202, Brooklyn, NY (Morgan Stop On the L train)

Raw Dance Share is a performance/party of new dance works at a raw gallery space in Bushwick. This DIY show is a rare opportunity for emerging artists to take risks and plant seeds of ideas in an alternative performance format. Be part of these immersive dance works: join us for two evenings of fresh ideas by fresh artists.  

Featuring work by Alex Romania, Elena Rose Light, Eli Tamondong / Projectile Imagery, EstadoFlotante, Margaret Tudor, and NOT for reTALE / Emily Smith.

Refreshments will be available. Produced by Emily Smith.


"Line 0" at Take Root Series

March 20-21



Green Space Studio, 37-24 24th St. Suite 301, Long Island City.

(N-Q train to Queensboro Plaza or 39av)

This is a half evening work showing paired with Ella Rosewood Dance.

"Genic-Trans-Genic" at Tiny Dance Festival

DEC 5-6 Program A

7pm & 9pm

THE BRICK, 579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, by Lorimer Stop on The L Train


Featured with different Dance Artist this festival is a showcase happening in a 6x6x6 Box.



"I don't see myself as an individual anymore but as a piece of that what we all belong to, believing ourselves as part of each other. Genic-Trans-Genic is a sound, movement and visual exploration sustained from the search of who we are, who we were, who we are becoming, living in this world that we had create based on abuse of consumerism and genetic engineering."




Sample Festival

May 3th-5th 8pm


Sample Festival is a site specific performance collaboration at home spaces. First founded by Daniela Tenhamm Tejos who collaborated with the actress Natalia Miranda Guzman into create the first version at a studio apartment in the Upper West Side; this second version is a collaboration between EstadoFlotante (Alvaro Gonzalez), Not For Retail (Emily Smith) and Daniela Tenhamm in a loft in Williamsburg.


"We took this home space, we explore it, we take the intimacy of the everyday, the architecture; we find the poetry and we bring ideas to it into create a performance experience with our guests (audience)."

$10 Suggested donation at the door

Dame La Mano and"I Give You my Elbow" at Fertile Ground

December 15th


This "always in process" duet piece attempting to be about love, sarcasm and playfulness is presented this time as part of the Fertile Ground series at Green Space Studio located at Long Island City, this is a work in progress showing shared with other artists and is followed by a feedback session with cheese and wine.


"Sumario" at NEXT STEPS A Foundraising affair

October 19th 8pm


"Sumario" a solo piece performed and created by Alvaro Gonzalez, emerged from a mix of experiences and memories as a dance performer, is presented at this foundraising event for DANIEL FLORES Dance's upcoming proyect. The showcase is hosting other dance artists like Rebecca Bruno, Amanda McNussen, Mersiha Mesihovic, Odessa Avianna Perez.

Where?: Bridge For Dance, 2726 Broadway, 3rd fl.,NY 10025


"Dame la Mano and I Give You my Elbow" at Hot off the Press

May 18th 7pm / 19th 5pm


The second version of this duet piece (that is attempting to be always in process) is taking part of the showcase HOT OFF THE PRESS (hosted by the Company General Mischief) this event will be held at Danny Studios in NYC and we will be sharing the evening with other great dance artists.


Direction: Alvaro Gonzalez

Performance: Nora Laitinen and Alvaro Gonzalez

$10 Suggested donation

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