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TEstado      Flotante

"Sumario" (Summing up)

What happens when you make memory of all your experiences and you tried to compare that person in the past with this person in the present?


Who will you be in the future?

How your beliefs seems to be affected while time passes?

Were that experiences consequences of your own decisions?

"I see myself constantly questioning my choices about making dance work, I think that a lot of the things that I do now, in grand part are influenced by my history, where I come from, my masters, my colleagues and what comes from my own need to explore movement. Through “Sumario” I put in question my beliefs, my experiences and my decisions; as an intent to open a door to a world of ambiguity where things can be define only from what “I”, “you” or “we” decide to believe. There is a chain reaction between Beliefs-decisions-experiences, however, the progression of this cycle will depend in how far are we willing to go from our own boundaries."  

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