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“Line 0” Directed by Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy is a dance work that explores different human connections through the concept of energy transformation, using a dynamic and intense physicality.


Energy has the characteristic of traveling through the body, the objects, and the space; therefore, this transformation also influences the environment and the atmosphere. Line 0 is rooted in the search for a primal connection that moves the dancers to exist in the present moment, the movement and people around them, surfacing the emotional qualities based on their own decisions and experiences.


This work is performed by eight dancers,Ashley Zimmerman, Samsam Yung, Nuria Martin Fandos, Thomas Gunderson, Julie Goldberg, Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy, and Gabriel Sanchez, featuring original soundscape composed by Julio Cerda (Chile) and costume design by Eli Ramirez.


"SKETCH" is a performance installation based In the concept of real time composition that tests the skills of the performers involved in a game of trust and directly depending on the audiences choices.

There is the performers, the space, different objects and elements that facilitates an interactive experience where the audience is lead and invited to manipulate and propose different choices for the performers to experiment from. In this way we might discover a performance product that comes from a raw compositional experience.

Performers are invited in the space with no previous plan, no rehearsal, this is an improvisational experiment and what comes out of the experience will depend directly on the people involved each session.  


Concept Conceived by Alvaro Gonzalez

Regular performers: Martita Abril & Alvaro Gonzalez

Moderator: Erica Piserchia

Guest Performers First Version: Rebeca Medina, Eli Tamondong, Alex Romania, Carmen Caceres.

Videography by Lynn Thu Tun


Relationships build parts of our identity, time goes by and we are constantly changing, our identity grows according to our history, people in our lives are part our history. We can know who we were, discover who we are know, but we wont know yet who we will become and what kind of people will cross our path. "Dame la Mano and i give you my elbow" is a dance performance that explores relationships, presets ideas of what we might want or need playing with expectations and acceptance.

"HIGH ABOVE" (still in process) is a solo/duet that evoques to the many metamorphosis that we experience in life when we are in our way to find our own place of freedom, that place somewhere high above in a dream, there is no guaranty that place exist but our way to find it is what keeps us trying to discover who we are.


Direction: Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy

Performers: Gabriel Sanchez & Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy

Video by Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy

Music by Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy & Silvester


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