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TEstado      Flotante

Variante X

I was wondering myself about the way that life and destiny work, the experiences that you have since you are a kid, the people that you meet or spend part of your life with, or the people that you ever came acroos with in the street that you never got to really meet. It could be just a second, or years, but every single detail in your life path becomes part of who you are.

I believe that there is an spontaneous element hidden in the subconscious of each of us, that makes millions of decisions each second without letting us know, and this thing that we call destiny would be a response to this decisions.


What if we repeat the same life,


Variante X" is set through the experimentation with this "unknown element"  thanks to 4 dancers in 4 dance moments. The order of those moments and scores are selected "randomly" before each performance. Therefore, the sense of time and progression of the story is always different, leaving as a result what the destiny becomes to be.




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